April 26, 1900
Muscatine Golf Club was founded by Dr. F.H. Little, C.R. Musser and John Sterneman

May 30, 1900  
Opening day of the Muscatine Golf Club - a nine-hole course.

April 11, 1901
Original golf course was redesigned to add more length.
The decision was made to build a Clubhouse.

Muscatine Golf Club reorganized and incorporated under the name Geneva Golf & Country Club.
The Club’s land and buildings were purchased under a separate corporation called Geneva Realty Co.

August 6, 1902
Formal opening of the first clubhouse.

July 11, 1911
The Clubhouse was struck by lighting and burned.  Estimated loss was $4,500.00.
Arrangements were made to use the Electric Park's pavilion as a Clubhouse.

May 14, 1913
Construction of the second Clubhouse was finished at a cost of $1500.00.

The clubhouse was used as an annex to the hospital during the flu siege.

January 21, 1960
Membership approved the renovation of the Clubhouse and adding a swimming pool.
Project established in 1961 at an estimated cost of $70,000.

The club bought 17 acres of land to enlarge the golf course.

Ninety-three acres of land were purchased to allow expansion of the golf course to 18 holes. Plans and refinancing of the $650,000 project included 12 new holes, watered fairways and 15 new greens.

Financing of the 18 hole golf course expansion was approved in June and construction started later that summer.

The club celebrated its second “Grand Opening.”
Members played the “new” layout in mid May.  The official dedication ceremonies were held on Friday, May 28 following a festive weekend of activities.  Construction of the halfway house was completed at a cost of $19,000 and four devastating rainstorms caused $70,000 damaged to the golf course.

Geneva Reality Co. was dissolved.

Approved construction of a new Club facility at an estimated cost of $3.5 million.

August of 1993
Moved into the new facility at 3100 Bidwell Road.
Construction of the new driving range began.

Opened the driving range.

Geneva Golf & Country Club celebrated its 100th anniversary.

August 2000
Approved construction of new Maintenance building.

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